K&N Air Filter Oil for Filtercharger

K&N Replacement Air Filter Oil

K&N Air Filter Oil works with the cotton fabric in K&N Filtercharger air filters. The oil provides superior air filtration holding onto unwanted grime and dust particles. The oil is ideal for trapping these contaminants. The air filter oil will penetrate the filter pleats when applied, saturated the entire air filter; thereby, dying it red. The saturation will remain until the K&N air filter is cleaned using the K&N air filter cleaner. K&N air filters come pre-dyed and some air filter recharger cleaning kits will come with the air filter cleaner and oil to be used after the air filter is cleaned. You can purchase K&N air filter oil separately or with the K&N air filter cleaner.

K and N Filtercharger Air Filters


Drove a million miles on a K&N filtercharger air filter

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