K&N Filtercharger Air Filters

K&N Replacement Air Filters

K&N air filters are designed to boost horsepower and acceleration while protecting your engine. This easy to install air filter is backed by the K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty® and will be the last air filter your vehicle will every need to purchase for your vehicle. A K&N air intake system is also designed using K&N's high performance air filters.


The K&N FilterCharger® air filter has been created to achieve high air flow with low restriction, while maintaining filtration. The secret to our success lies in the unique characteristics of our air filter medium that was originally developed by K&N all those years ago in the dust, sweat and tears of desert motocross racing. Our high flow cotton gauze air filter can be washed and reused, and is built to last for the life of your engine. K&N air filters consist of four to six sheets of cotton gauze. This media is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities and overall performance. K&N Air Filters were created for an environment requiring maximum horsepower and enhanced acceleration in addition to protection from the dirt and dust of off-road racing.

K and N Filtercharger Air Filters


Drove a million miles on a K&N filtercharger air filter

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